Saturday's Racing Sessions

The Morning Session


AllMarkOne - Thames R.C. Thames

Conditions: Wet and cold.

Home and Dry

Opening a soaking Semi-Finals morning were the Dutch and American crews in The Double Sculls Challenge Cup. The Dutch pair took an early lead until the Barrier, but the Americans powered through and broke away past Remenham. Despite a valiant effort from Meijssen and Van Bohemen in front of the Enclosures to regain parity with Cunningham and Fuller, the Americans retained their lead and secured their ticket to Finals Day by three-quarters of a length.

A Cambridge over Troubled Water

A hybrid of this year's Blue Boat and the Goldie crew, both Cambridge and Oxford Brookes set a high rate off the start, with Cambridge swiftly taking a lead of one third of a length by the Barrier, soon extending it to three quarters of a length at the Half Mile. Brookes responded by increasing their rate, but despite their efforts, the Light Blue machine held firm securing a victory by one length over the formidable local powerhouse from Oxford Brookes in The Ladies’ Challenge Plate.

Derby Day

The contest between neighbouring rivals Thames and London in The Thames Challenge Cup was truly a race fit for a Sunday showdown. Despite London’s higher stroke rate from the start, the defending champions, Thames, managed to edge ahead by one third of a length off the Island. Time and again, London pushed to regain ground, but the strong, steady rhythm set by Thames prevailed, leaving London unable to sustain their challenge before the progress boards. With a victory margin of one and a quarter lengths, Thames Rowing Club, the defending champions advance confidently to Sunday.

The Afternoon Session

Conditions: Broken clouds with sunshine


The last domestic crew remaining in The Prince Philip Challenge Trophy, Headington were determined to secure British representation in the Final for the first time in three years. Newport burst out of the blocks, taking an early lead of a canvas before the Quarter Mile. However, Headington's length and power allowed them to steadily edge back and then pull away. Despite Newport's resolute efforts to increase their rate and challenge, they were unable to counter the strength Headington displayed through the water.

Rye on the Fly

Entering this Semi-Final of The Prince Philip Challenge Trophy, these crews were well-acquainted with their opposition, having competed against each other throughout the season. Both teams had delivered strong performances during the Regatta, posting similar times to the Barrier and rarely needing to row flat-out to secure victories. RowAmerica Rye reached the Barrier with a ⅓ length lead over Marin, who then increased their rate to 36, narrowing the gap to a mere foot at the Three Quarter Mile. In the third five hundred metres, RowAmerica focused and regained a ¼ length lead, and won by ⅔ of a length.

Back-to-back Brookes’

In another testament to the competitive spirit of The Visitors’ Challenge Cup, this Semi-Final featured two outstanding crews with a fiery determination to prevail. Level as they passed the Island, Brown University of the USA and Oxford Brookes kept each other firmly in sight, awaiting the first decisive move. By the Quarter Mile, Brookes had carved out a half-length lead. Undeterred, Brown stayed long and sharp, delivering powerful strokes that kept them within striking distance. Brown’s ability to maintain overlap with Brookes spurred the boys in burgundy to find an extra gear, extending their lead to two and a quarter lengths past Fawley, a margin they roughly maintained to the Finish Line.

AllMarkOne - Headington Prince Phillip

AllMarkOne - RowAmerica Rye Prince Phillip

AllMarkOne - Oxford Brookes & Taurus Visitors'

AllMarkOne - Newcastle Island

The Evening Session

AllMarkOne - Madden PRCC

Conditions: scattered clouds and evening sunshine.

Marlow Going For the Double

With both junior quadruple sculls races (Fawley and Diamond Jubilee) featuring Marlow R.C contingents, this year’s HRR has been a week to remember. In The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup, the junior women from Marlow made light work of sailing into a two and three-quarter length lead, winning their Semi-Final with ease. Despite the best efforts of the Tideway Scullers to regain contact, it unfortunately wasn’t to be their year. 

Sunday Scull Showdown

After a large log obstructed the path of the incoming single scullers, this race in the Princess Royal Challenge Cup was called to a halt, and the athletes were sent back to the stake boats for a restart. Unfazed by the challenges posed by the River Thames, both scullers restarted well in this Semi-Final of The Princess Royal Challenge Cup. Employing different strategies, Madden established an early lead, moving one length up on Luwis within the first four hundred metres. Luwis responded with a strong push in the middle stages, narrowing Madden’s advantage and drawing level at the Three Quarter Mile. However, Luwis’s effort was not enough to overtake Madden, who broke free and crossed the line an impressive two-and-a-half lengths ahead.

A Redemptive Weekend

A race with an early conclusion, there are few words left that adequately describe the exceptional standard at which this remarkable group of young scullers compete. Today’s performance in The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup was a testament to their prowess. Almost instantaneously, Wycliffe ‘A’ established a commanding lead, effortlessly surpassing their crew mates and forging an insurmountable four-length advantage. Wycliffe ‘B’ seemed resigned to defeat as Wycliffe ‘A’ crossed the finish line with a three and a quarter length lead, securing their place in the Final.