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During the Regatta, many local families generously open their homes and welcome visiting crews to stay with them. This is quite often on a bed-and-breakfast basis, where the crews live alongside their host family; we also have a limited number of houses that are let in their entirety.

We have a huge range of housing available each year, and take the time to match visiting crews to the right host in the right location to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The majority of crews are accommodated within a 30-minute walk of the Boat Tents, with others choosing to stay in the outlying villages (transport will be required).

Crews should expect to pay anywhere from £50 - £80 per person per night for their accommodation, depending on a variety of factors including proximity to the Boat Tents and facilities offered by the host. Payment should be made directly to the host in order to confirm the booking; we recommend that international payments be made using Wise or Paypal which is often cheaper and quicker than an international bank transfer.

More information on when and how to apply can be found below.

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Crew Accommodation


UK Crews may apply to the Accommodation Office for a list of hosts offering housing, and are encouraged to contact the host of their choice directly. This service is only available to UK Crews once they have submitted their Entry online (Entries open in early May each year).

Overseas Crews are given priority in finding local accommodation during their stay in Henley and are welcome to use our Accommodation Office which provides support free of charge. We aim to connect you with a suitable host and you take it from there, working out the exact details with your host. All you need to do is register your request with us, including the number of people in the group and your anticipated dates of arrival and departure.

The Overseas Crew Accommodation Request form can be found below.

Overseas Request Form