Student Events

The Temple Challenge Cup

men's eight oars with coxswain

As part of the search to find the right formula for the eights events at the Regatta an additional event was instituted in 1990 for the eights of single colleges, of smaller university boat clubs and of schools unable to enter for The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup by reason of age. This proved to be a very popular event. The Stewards quickly decided that it should become a permanent part of the Regatta programme and provided a trophy, The Temple Challenge Cup.

The cup, made in 1835 by Charles Fox, has been engraved with a sketch of the Temple on the island at the Start.


The Island Challenge Cup

women's eight oars with coxswain

This event was due to be introduced in 2020, as a part of the expansion to six days of racing. The event ran for the first time in 2021, after the 2020 Regatta was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prince Albert Challenge Cup

men's four oars with coxswain

In 2004 a new 16 boat event was inaugurated open only to crews from universities, colleges and schools. In its first year the event was won by a crew from Imperial College London.

In 2006 this event was renamed The Prince Albert Challenge Cup and a new trophy was commissioned and donated by Imperial College London. HRH Prince Albert determined that profits from the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park be used for the purposes of art and science, leading directly to the establishment of National Institutions, as well as Imperial College in 1907, in South Kensington. In 1851 the Prince also became the first Royal Patron of the Regatta.

The trophy, designed and executed by the silversmith, Hector Miller, was handed to the Chairman and Secretary of the Regatta by the Rector of Imperial College at a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen in June 2006.