Club Events

The Thames Challenge Cup

Men's eight oars with coxswain

The Thames Challenge Cup was instituted in 1868 , and attracted entries from Home and Overseas crews, aimed at club crews below The Ladies' Challenge Plate standard. The event now has a number of exclusions to ensure that the 'Thames' is an event for typical club crews.

The Wargrave Challenge Cup


A new event introduced in 2021 that was originally intended to be part of the Regatta's expansion to six days.

A silver cup, designed and crafted by silversmith Angela Cork, was presented for the first time in August 2021.

The Wyfold Challenge Cup

men's four oars

The Wyfold Challenge Cup was presented to the Regatta in 1847. At that time it was custom for the challengers in each event to row trial heats among themselves and for the successful challenger to contest the final heat against the winners of the previous year.

As the engravings on the cup record, this prize was awarded to the winning challenger for The Grand Challenge Cup. In 1855 the trophy was made over to a four-oared race. In December 1995 the Qualification Rules were brought in line with those adopted for The Thames Challenge Cup. The intention being to protect the 'Wyfold' as a club event for Coxless Fours.

The Britannia Challenge Cup

Men's Four Oars with Coxswain

The Britannia Challenge Cup was presented in 1969 by Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club, on its centenary, as an event for four-oars with coxswain.  This event was originally open to clubs, universities and schools.

Until 1988 entries were restricted to crews from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, but the event was then opened to entries from any country.

After the 2003 Regatta the Stewards decided to divide this 32 boat event into two 16 boat events – one restricted to club crews only and the other restricted to student crews.  The Britannia Challenge Cup is now only open to club crews.