Morning Briefing with Sarah Winckless - Wednesday

 All the things you need to know about the racing today at Henley Royal Regatta with Sarah Winckless, Race Umpire, Steward and Olympic medallist.


It looks a bit better and brighter today; we’ve had the rain early that we were expecting and that has calmed things down. We’ve got a few weather fronts coming through today, it’s an outdoor sport and it’s going to test people's watermanship and that’s what this Course does, maybe even more than any in the world. 

Events starting today 

Two elite events starting today

Remenham - 1 race

Stonor - 2 races (one is a row over)

Intermediate events 

Visitors’ - 8


Prince Albert - 8 

Island - 6


Thames - 16

Wargrave - 8 


PP - 8

Day 2 in:

Wyfold - 8; 

Brit - 4

Temple - 8

PE - 8

Lots of eights racing today. 


9 9.45 Britannia 544 London R.C. 'A' vs 545 London R.C. 'B'

London ‘B’ are very experienced Henley crew so it could go all the way on that one and of course those crews couldn’t know each other better. 

21 11.00 PE 266 The King's School, Chester vs 270 The Scots College, AUS

Picked this because both had similar times to Barrier in the AM yesterday. So, we could see a tight race. 

24 11.15 Wyfold 363 N.S.R. Oslo, NOR vs 364 Northwich R.C.

Less than two seconds difference to Fawley in their times. We know conditions are up and down but that’s a good indication of their boatspeed.

30 11.50 Wyfold 360 Marlow R.C. 'A' vs 377 Tyne A.R.C.

Another one with similar times yesterday.

35 12.20 Temple 187 Yale University 'A', USA vs 184 University of Washington, USA

Both a mix of their 1v and 2v (Varsity eights) I think. We’re sort of looking at how they go and of course they’ve come halfway across the world to meet on the Henley start on a Wednesday. 

Luncheon Interval 

41 2.30 Remenham 11 Thames R.C. & Un. of Cal., Berkeley vs 7 Leander Club

Start of the Remenham, Leander Club is the GB development boat. 

46 3.00 Visitors' 331 Sydney University, AUS vs 327 Oxford University 'A'

Sydney won the Australian championships in an eight, they’re now in the Visitors’ in a four. And Oxford University ‘A’ won at at Ratzeberg and individually each of them have won Henley Royal Regatta at least once, so a really experienced crew. 

49 3.15 PE 254 Radley College vs 256 St. Edward's School

The rumour on the towpath is that Radley College are picking up speed. I haven’t had confirmation from their coach Sam Townsend, but it's definitely one that those who are watching the PE closely are talking about. 

57 4.05 PP 289 St. Edward's School vs 279 Green Lake, USA

Great to see St. Edward’s School’s women here also. They got to the semi-final of Henley Women’s Regatta and they’ve drawn Green Lake, who we don’t know too much about. 

Tea Interval 

65 5.50 PE 258 St. Paul's School vs 260 Shiplake College

After tea, those who are watching this event are very excited about that one. 

66 6.00 Visitors' 336 University of Washington, USA vs 318 A.A.S.R. Skoll & A.R.S.R. Skadi, NE

Half of Washington’s 1v (Varsity) crew, their top crew - I talked about their Temple crew earlier. Skoll & Skandi have U23 representatives for the Dutch. Two very good crews, I’m expecting a very good quality race. 

69 6.15 PP 300 Winter Park Crew, USA vs 298 The Tideway Scullers' School

Winter Park were one of our Qualifier boats, they looked very impressive at the Qualifying Races (last Friday) and they’re meeting The Tideway Scullers’ School who were second in the Met. 

72 6.35 Thames 77 West End R.C., NZL vs 36 Lea R.C.

Fantastic to see the Auckland club, West End Rowing Club, New Zealand come here to the Regatta. They’re meeting Lea. I think it’s a while since we’ve seen New Zealand club crews coming over to the event. It’s fantastic to see them there. Lea will be hopping to send them back home!

78 7.10 Island 215 Princeton University, USA vs 223 Univ. British Columbia, CAN

I was really interested yesterday that University of British Columbia, Canada knocked out University of Cal.., Berkeley in the Temple. 

80 7.20 Temple 178 Univ. British Columbia, CAN vs 130 Edinburgh University 'A'

The British Columbia women are coached by a different coach, but the men certainly have come over in good form, so, let’s see what happens!

And I left some out!