Friday's Racing Sessions

The Morning Session

All Mark One - Oxford Brookes Town

All Mark One - Windsor Boys' School Fawley

All Mark One - Royal Chester Brittania

All Mark One - Star and Arrow Club Prince of Wales

All Mark One - J Plihal Diamonds Website

conditions: Heavy clouds. Light rain. Flat water.

Brookes march on

In a riveting heat of The Town Challenge Cup, the Dutch composite of U.S.R Triton and A.U.S.R Orca took an early lead, extending to ¾ of a length by Fawley. Despite steering corrections and umpire warnings, Oxford Brookes University seized the opportunity, narrowing the gap to ½ a length at Remenham. By the time they reached the Enclosures, Brookes had taken a slender lead of a canvas, which they held resolutely to the Finish, securing victory by a clear length.

Windsor remains on track

In the Quarter Final of The Fawley Challenge Cup, both crews were neck and neck to the barrier. Once the Windsor Boys hit their stride, they pulled away from the Hartpury crew, breaking the deadlock. The 2022 winners and 2024 favourites displayed impeccable sculling, with flawless blade work, cruising to a comfortable two-length victory.

Royal Chester chasing historical win 

A ticket to Finals Day was at stake in The Britannia Challenge Cup race between Royal Chester and Molesey. It was a tightly contested battle for most of the course until Royal Chester surged ahead in the closing stages, winning by just over a length. The Chester crew aspires to make history, as it has been one hundred years since their last triumph at Henley Royal Regatta.

Olympic experience tells for Tideway Scullers

The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup clash between Tideway Scullers & Proteus-Eretes and the Star & Arrow Club was a masterclass in race timing. Up until the mile mark, the Tideway Scullers held the lead but the experience from the locals - who were represented by Olympians including Will Satch and Jack Beaumont - prevailed as they powered through their opponents, clinching a Semi-Final spot by one third of a length.

Plihal chasing American Dream

The Diamond Challenge Sculls quarter-final between Plihal and Keijzer was a dramatic affair. Stroke for stroke, the American and Dutch scullers matched each other in a gladiatorial contest up to the progress boards. When the US Olympic single sculler intensified his effort, Keijzer couldn't respond and was rowed to a standstill, marking a decisive victory for Plihal.

The Afternoon Session

Conditions: Becoming overcast. Rain.

Southport Slip Away

Keeping their stroke rate high, Eton established a three-feet lead at the Quarter Mile pulling ahead to three quarters of a length by the Barrier in their quarter-final of The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup against The Southport School of Australia. Despite repeated pushes from the Antipodean national medalists, Eton were able to keep them at bay to secure a place in the Semi-Final on Saturday. 

Shiplake Sprint

In another epic tussle in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, Shiplake and Radley College took turns to stake a claim for a Saturday slot, with the Radleians leading by nearly a length at the Fawley. Shiplake responded impressively past the Enclosures, rowing through their rivals to clinch a victory of two-thirds of a length. 

The North Star

Newcastle know all too well the pain they would face if they lost against Durham in this round of The Island Challenge Cup for the second year in a row. Determined to avoid a repeat of history, the Blue Star surged into an early lead that seemed unassailable. However, a resolute Durham crew, intent on retaining Northern bragging rights, matched their effort. Newcastle then showcased remarkable resilience and maturity, ultimately winning by ¾ of a length.

AllMarkOne - Eton College PE

AllMarkOne - Shiplake Prince Edward

AllMarkOne - Newcastle Island

The Evening Session

AllMarkOne - RowAmerica Rye Prince Phillip

AllMarkOne - Oxford Brookes Remenham

AllMarkOne - Harvard Temple

Conditions: Rain, Rain, Rain.

Strong Catches in the Rye

Both national champions in their respective countries, these two crews were representing their nations in a bid to reach the Semi-Final. For this race in The Prince Philip Challenge Trophy, it didn’t take long for the American boat to move three quarters of a length up on the British but after the Barrier, Hinksey began to reduce RowAmerica Rye’s lead, eventually taking them down to a canvas at the Three Quarter Mile. It was at this point that RowAmerica Rye switched gears and once again edged away from Hinksey to secure a place in the Semi-Finals. 

Top of the Pile

Demonstrating their prowess against the talented Rowing Canada crew, known for their international pedigree, Oxford Brookes made their intentions clear from the outset by winning their heat of The Remenham Challenge Cup.  Their victory, though straightforward — leading from the start and winning by clear water — was remarkable for the assured manner in which it was achieved.

Crimson Twilight

The international tussle between Harvard and Nereus in The Temple Challenge Cup led to one of the most nail-biting races of the day. A strong start from the Dutch meant that they took the lead to Fawley, however the crimson contingent rowed through them at Fawley and maintained their lead to claim a victory of two-thirds of a length.