The Stewards' Charitable Trust

The Stewards' Charitable Trust was formally established by the governing body of the Regatta in June 1988. The principal objective of the Trust was to provide funds to encourage and support young people (still receiving education or undergoing training) to row or scull.

In May 2003 (fifteen years after its inception) the Trust had given away over £1,000,000 in the pursuit of these aims. By the end of 2016 this figure had risen dramatically to over £4,100,000.

The Trust’s emphasis has always been to support schemes that help develop the sport of rowing among boys and girls at ‘grass roots level’. More than thirty different projects have been supported during this period, some spanning a number of years and others being one-off schemes. These projects range from a major funding of the A.R.A.’s Project Oarsome scheme to supporting the rebirth of the Ball Cup Races for smaller schools. The Trust contributes annually to The Rowing Foundation and donations have been made to many specific causes such as adaptive rowing, the British Universities Sports Association, the River & Rowing Museum, London Youth Rowing, the Mark Lees Foundation, an Imperial College London Biodynamics project and the Watermen’s Foundation, to assist young apprentices.

The Trust’s first significant donation was £190,000 to Project Oarsome. Now that this project has been successfully implemented the next target has been to find and support the additional coaches to look after all the new, young rowers. Since 2002 the Trust has worked with British Rowing to initiate the Stewards’ Charitable Trust (S.C.T.) Coaching Scholarship Scheme. Starting with just two such coaches in September 2002 this project is now supporting fourteen coaches. The coaches are located across the United Kingdom. Each S.C.T. coach must undertake a two year, part-time postgraduate course in coaching, sports development or the health/social related benefits of sport, while undertaking to spend twenty hours per week coaching juniors in their assigned area. By the end of 2016 the Trust has donated over £2,000,000 to this initiative. Further support to the critical area of coaching youngsters is made through the Trust’s financial contribution to London Youth Rowing.

The Trust is currently disbursing around £250,000 each year to these charitable causes.

The Trust receives the bulk of its money from donations made by Henley Royal Regatta and its trading arm, Henley Royal Regatta Limited, but also benefits from the generosity of other donors, both corporate and individual, including several Members of the Stewards’ Enclosure.


Sir Steve Redgrave, C.B.E.
Chairman of the Trustees

Stewards Charitable Trust


£3.3 million in 25 years


Making a donation

If you would like to make a regular donation to the Trust this can be done by setting up a Standing Order in favour of 'The Stewards' Charitable Trust'.

To make a one-off donation, please send your cheque, payable to 'The Stewards' Charitable Trust' to the Regatta Office.