Morning Briefing with Jessica Eddie - Saturday

Morning briefing with Jessica Eddie – Saturday 7 July , 2024

All you need to know about the racing today at Henley Royal Regatta with Jessica Eddie, Steward and Olympic silver medallist. 


3. 9:50 The Fawley Challenge Cup 523 Windsor Boys’ School v 473 Hinksey Sculling School

At the National Schools’ Regatta, Windsor Boys’ School placed a disappointing fourth, with Hinksey taking the bronze medal ahead of them. In a season-long rivalry, these boys’ quads will be putting everything on the line for a place in the final.

8. 10:40 The Wargrave Challenge Cup 107 Thames R.C. ‘B’ v 92 London R.C. ‘A’

Prepare for a big showdown between these two crews, whose results have put them close together in the rankings all season. A local rivalry, these clubs are based only three hundred metres from each other on the Putney Embankment. 

10. 11:00 The Thames Challenge Cup 71 Thames R.C. ‘A’ v 50 London R.C. ‘A’

With a history of dominance in The Thames Challenge Cup, Thames Rowing Club has a reputation to uphold. However, London has managed to beat Thames a few times throughout the season - will this be the year that the tables turn?

13. 11:30 The Grand Challenge Cup 2 Oxford Brookes University & Taurus B.C. v 1 Leander Club

Made up of eights that came second and third at the Head of the River Race, Oxford Brookes & Taurus are going to be a crew to watch. They’ll have tough opposition in the Leander crew, which is composed of two fours who recently represented Great Britain at World Cup III, with one of them winning bronze. Expect this to be a big showdown, with both crews posting some of the fastest times of the day.

21. 2:20 The Prince Philip Challenge Trophy 291 Newport Aquatic Center, USA v 282 Headington School

Headington School is the only British crew remaining in The Prince Philip Trophy. Will they be able to hang on and secure a place in the final for the first time in their history?

23. 2:40 The Prince Philip Challenge Trophy 293 RowAmerica Rye, USA v 289 Marin R.A. , USA

An American duel, it is both of these clubs’ first time at Henley Royal Regatta, and they will want nothing more than a chance to write their names in history and win the Trophy.

30. 3:50 The Silver Goblets and Nickalls’ Challenge Cup 656 Van Sprang & Krommenhoek, NED v 655 M. Valbirk & K.B. Mortensen, DEN

Both having missed out on Olympic qualification earlier in the year, these two crews have something to prove to themselves and to everyone watching. 

33. 4:20 The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup 267 St. Paul’s School v 265 St. Edward’s School

St. Paul’s and St. Edward’s were the winners of the PE in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Undoubtedly, they will both feel the pressure to recommence or continue their winning streak for their schools, but who will rise to the challenge and who will crumble under pressure? 

44. 7:10 The Temple Challenge Cup 160 Oxford Brookes University ‘A’ v Harvard University, USA
Crews always hope to be as far away from Oxford Brookes on the draw as possible, fearing their speed and reputation for dominance in almost every category. In the last race of the day, the American lightweights have a big task ahead of them if they want to make it through to Sunday.