What to Wear

Henley is steeped in tradition and its formal dress code ensures that style and elegance is enjoyed by all who attend.

Members are reminded to bring the dress code and mobile phone policy to the attention of their Guests, in order to avoid the possibility of embarrassment of a Guest being refused admission or being escorted out of the Enclosure.

Please note, children are required to adhere to the dress code and rules.

Stewards’ Enclosure Dress Code


Ladies are required to wear dresses or skirts with a hemline below the knee. Ladies will not be admitted wearing divided skirts, culottes or trousers of any kind.


Whilst not a requirement, it is customary for ladies to wear hats.


Gentlemen are required to wear lounge suits, or jackets or blazers with flannels, together with a tie or cravat. No one will be admitted to the Stewards' Enclosure wearing shorts or jeans. 

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones for making or receiving calls is not permitted within the Stewards' Enclosure. 


Those seen making or receiving calls on their mobile phones will be reminded of this ban by Security Guards and Regatta Officials. They will be asked to stop and a note will be taken of their Badge Number. This will allow the responsible Member to be identified.


If the request to stop is ignored or if the same person is seen to be making or receiving calls for a second time, then the person will be escorted out of the Stewards' Enclosure and their badge will be forfeited.

Regatta Enclosure Dress Code

The atmosphere is less formal than the Stewards' Enclosure as there is no dress code, although most who attend do enter into the spirit of the Regatta and dress up, wearing club blazers and other rowing apparel.

Full Event guide

For information on the event, download the Henley Royal Regatta Guide in PDF format by clicking the button below.