Morning Briefing with Sarah Winckless - Saturday

All the things you need to know about the racing today at Henley Royal Regatta with Sarah Winckless, Race Umpire, Steward and Olympic medallist.


Henley Saturday, Semi-Finals Day. We've actually got a rest day for the Wyfold, Brit and PA. I think London Rowing Club, particularly in the Wyfold, would be grateful for that, having beaten Thames ‘A’ by two feet in that dramatic finish yesterday. We've got 43 semi-finals. The event we see for the first time is the Stewards’, where we see two Thames crews in that race (22) going for the chance to race the GB men’s four tomorrow. The Queen Mother has a scull over, unfortunately, due to a withdrawal in the event. The Prince of Wales is back after a rest day. Still to start we've got the Grand tomorrow.

CONDITIONS: Weather has been a fixture of this Regatta. And whilst it's looking lovely in the morning, we're expecting another headwind later up to 20 miles an hour. We saw the crews yesterday have to deal with a very straight headwind as we expected, but it was brutal. It was really tough out there, but we saw fantastic sculling and steering all round. So it wasn't causing a problem, but it was making them have to work for their victories.

Here are my ones to watch.


2 10.10 Thames   52 Thames R.C. 'A' vs 51 Sydney R.C., AUS

The Thames. We've been talking about the Thames story here. We've got Thames ‘A’ against Sydney.They had a close race yesterday in close times. I think that'll be fantastic. 

4 10.30 Jubilee 544 The Tideway Scullers' School   vs 535 Shiplake College 'A'

Shiplake College have strengthened their Henley Women's quad, because they've put in the girl who won the singles at Henley Women's. When I umpired them yesterday, they looked like they had another gear. Tideway Scullers’ School, despite its name, is a club, and so it can bring young athletes from the local area into it, so it has a different catchment area from the school. I think that's going to be a great race. Tideway Scullers’ School has some junior medalists and a 16 year old, Amalka Delevante, in there, so interesting how she takes that pressure.

6 10.50 Town 291 Leander Club vs 296 Stanford University, USA

Number six, the Town, Leander Club against Stanford University. I think that's going to be a great race.

7 11.00 Ladies' 16 Oxford Brookes University 'A' vs 10 Skadi & Proteus-Eretes, NED

Oxford Brookes ‘A’, against the Skadi & Proteus-Eretes, the Dutch. But I’m interested in the Brookes boat. They've got Jamie Copus in the bow seat. He was in our GB lightweight team for six years. He's been trying to compete as a lightweight for America as well, because I think he has dual nationality. With the Brookes story, they're going to have to go very well to keep it continuing. 

9 11.20 Jubilee   548 Wycliffe Junior R.C. 'A' vs 508 Henley R.C.

We've been talking about how strong Wycliffe are throughout this Regatta. The ‘B’ boat did get beaten by Shiplake yesterday.  Wycliffe ‘A’ we know is really, really strong. But the Henley Rowing Club boat looked very good yesterday, so we will see who comes out on top there.


18 2.20 Temple   167 University of Washington, USA vs 138 Oxford Brookes University 'A'

University of Washington against Oxford Brookes ‘A’. Both crews have come through the Regatta looking fairly untroubled up to this stage. I'm really excited about that match up.

21 2.50 Temple      139 Oxford Brookes University 'B' vs 156 Syracuse University, USA

Oxford Brookes ‘B’ up against Syracuse and the Americans had to row through Nereus yesterday. Let's see what they can do. Oxford Brookes ‘B’ will be looking to see if they can get to the final and meet their ‘A’ team if they beat Washington.

28 4.00 PE 241 St. Edward's School vs 239 Radley College

St. Edward's, who beat Eton yesterday, against Radley. Really looking forward to that. Same time to the Barrier for those two crews yesterday. 

29 4.10 PP 259 Deerfield Academy, USA vs 287 Winter Park Crew, USA

Deerfield Academy rowed through St. Catherine’s yesterday. They meet last year's finalists, Winter Park crew. That Winter Park boat has got five of last year's finalists. And it'll be a fantastic match up. We still have Headington in that event, but it’s the only British crew left in that event.


32 5.40 Island 199 Stanford University, USA vs 209 University of Pennsylvania 'A', USA

The Island, Stanford University against University of Penn. Really love what both these university crews have looked like on the Course, and we've seen them with similar times as well. So that match up should be great. 

36 6.20 Fawley      440 Hinksey Sculling School 'A' vs 450 Los Gatos R.C., USA

Hinksey Sculling School had a fantastic row through yesterday against Sydney. I was at the finish line and saw their reaction. They just could not believe it. You can see the absolute delight. It'll be interesting how those athletes have recovered. Los Gatos, who they're competing with, have looked fantastic in the Regatta. That could be another giant-killer story if Hinksey are able to overturn them. 

41 7.10 Fawley       448 Leander Club 'A' vs 489 The Windsor Boys' School

Windsor Boys’ School have looked fantastic so far in this Regatta. This match-up could have been a final if the draw had sat in a different way, I think. 

42 7.20 Wargrave    79 Thames R.C. 'B' vs 78 Thames R.C. 'A'

I've only picked this race up because we knew that Thames had the hold of this draw. Thames ‘B’ had to row through their 'C' boat yesterday, after the 'C' boat led them to the Barrier and Fawley. Of course we expect Thames ‘A’ to win that, but you don't always get what you expect in sport.