If more entries are received for any event than the prescribed number allowed for that event the Committee shall arrange Qualifying Races in accordance with the following rules:-

  1. The Committee shall, in its absolute discretion, select which of the entrants shall compete in these races.
  2. The races shall take place on the Friday afternoon before the Regatta and shall take the form of a timed Head Race.
  3. No member of a losing crew of a Qualifying Race for any prize shall compete for that prize at the same Regatta.

The Committee shall determine the list of entrants for the Qualifying Races on Sunday 21st June and this list, together with the timetable and other instructions, shall be published on the Regatta's website that same evening.

It is entirely the responsibility of each crew entered in the Regatta to check this website to determine whether or not they are required to compete in the Qualifying Races. No other form of communication will be used by the Regatta in relation to these races.

Number of entries

Entries for each event shall be limited to the following numbers as determined by the Committee. 

The Grand Challenge Cup M8+ 4
The Stewards' Challenge Cup M4- 4
The Queen Mother Challenge Cup M4x 4
The Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup M2- 8
The Double Sculls Challenge Cup M2x 8
The Diamond Challenge Sculls M1x 8
The Remenham Challenge Cup W8+ 8
The Town Challenge Cup W4- 8
The Princess Grace Challenge Cup W4x 8
The Hambleden Pairs Challenge Cup W2- 8
The Stonor Challenge Trophy W2x 8
The Princess Royal Challenge Cup W1x 8


The Ladies' Challenge Plate M8+ 8
The Visitors' Challenge Cup M4- 16
The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup M4x 16


The Thames Challenge Cup M8+ 32
The Wyfold Challenge Cup M4- 32
The Britannia Challenge Cup M4+ 16


The Temple Challenge Cup M8+ 32
The Prince Albert Challenge Cup M4+ 16


The Island Challenge Cup W8+ 8



The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup JM8+ 32
The Fawley Challenge Cup JM4x 24


The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup JW4x 16


Avoiding Qualifying Races

Each year Henley Royal Regatta is oversubscribed for the majority of the 23 events, particularly for the Club, Student and Junior events. Typically around 550 crews enter the Regatta and this number must be reduced to around 310 for the Draw. This means that approximately 270 crews each year are required to race in the Qualifying Races.

The Stewards gather information from the results of the major Head Races during the winter and then from the major Regattas during the spring and through to the closing date for entries in June. However, with over 120 Head Races and over 90 Regattas being held in these periods, it is not realistic to try to assimilate all of the thousands of results into one database. Indeed, with all the crew changes (personnel and boat type!) that take place between March and June it would be completely pointless to try to assemble such a database.

Therefore, not surprisingly, the key results that are considered by the Stewards are those from the major Regattas held during April, May and the first two weeks of June. If you wish your crew to be excused from the Qualifying Races then they should enter and perform well at a number of the major regional regattas e.g. Nottingham City, Wallingford, B.U.C.S., Durham City, National Schools', Metropolitan, Reading Amateur, Henley Women's, Marlow, etc. If you consider your crew to be a serious contender in the Club events then they should be of Senior standard. Any crews which are not competitive at this level should expect to be required to race in the Qualifiers.

If a crew has a good result against some strong opponents at a local regatta or in a private match then this information should be included in a letter submitted with the Henley Entry Form.

The lesson is simple – enter major regattas at as high a level as you can and get good results! Crews that are assembled late in the day and that have not raced at all can expect to be asked to qualify.

Sir Steve Redgrave, C.B.E.
Chairman of the Committee of Management