Election of Steward - Rod Murray


R. C. D. Murray has been elected a Steward of the Regatta.

Rod has been actively involved with helping at Henley Royal Regatta for many years with duties including Entries (taking over from John Luker), entries finance, qualifiers, race reporting during the Regatta, on the progress board team and as part of the commentary team.

Rod is an important member of the team in the lead up to the Regatta and his knowledge, various reviews and research of crews is invaluable.  Rod has an eye for detail and his standards are very high.

On top of his commitment to Henley Royal Regatta, Rod was on the National Championships Committee from 2005 to 2009, and Chairman from 2007 to 2009.  Rod is also on various regatta committees (and Race Committee Chairman of some) including Reading Amateur and Coate Water Park, and regatta controller of The Henley Town & Visitors' Regatta.   Rod has been a member of Henley Rowing Club for many years.

Rod was also a key member of the Organising Committee for the 2005 World Rowing Cup and 2006 World Rowing Championships.  He was part of the small group known as WOW (Workers of the Worlds) and did sterling work managing and briefing the 700 volunteers.

He is a British Rowing Umpire and involved with umpire and launch driver training.  Rod was a launch driver at the 2012 London Olympics.

Rod, often described as a ‘stalwart’ both in his club and in everything that he does to help organise rowing events, was awarded The Diamond Jubilee Award 2012 in recognition of his commitment and dedication to rowing, and for his work in raising the standard of umpiring through his work for the Thames Regional Rowing Council. 

Rod runs his own Management Consultancy, specialising in leadership training for top-level executives of large companies, he also works for various government departments. 

Rod lives in Wargrave and for many years has been the musical director for the Wargrave annual pantomime.