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Club, Student and School Events at HRR

February 2020

The Rules for the three Club Events for men, The Thames, The Wyfold and The Britannia Challenge Cups and the one Club Event for women (to be introduced into the Regatta programme in 2021), are intended to ensure that the crews entered for these events are genuine club crews, that is, crews that train together from the same club and compete together throughout the season.

The Committee of Management has, however, for some time been aware of the trend for university and college students to train with their student clubs and to compete in student events during the academic year, but then to transfer to a club in order to row in one of the Club Events at the Regatta. The Committee considers this to be contrary to the spirit and intentions of the Club Events. This letter is therefore intended to make clear that crews entered for Club Events may have students competing for them only if they have trained or competed for that club prior to going to university, or have trained for that club throughout the season.

The Regatta will, moreover, not tolerate clubs bringing in athletes who in the current academic year have been training and/or competing at universities where they have benefited, even indirectly, from high performance programmes, even if they have a previous connection with that club. Clubs making entries which include such athletes may have their entries refused or may be entered in an appropriate event of a higher category (see General Rule 3: "The Committee shall have the power, at any time, to notify a club that an entry will not be accepted in certain events if the Committee considers such an entry to be inappropriate.").

The Rules for the Student Events for men and women, The Temple, The Prince Albert and The Island Challenge Cups respectively, are intended to ensure that the crews entered for these events are made up of students of the university at which they are full time students.  Entries from a university club that include members of other universities which have their own boat clubs may be refused or may be accepted only in an appropriate event of a higher category (see General Rule 3, as above).

The new event for junior women, to be introduced in 2021, will follow the same rules as for both The Fawley and The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cups whereby a crew can only enter if the competitors are eligible members of any one club or secondary school boat club and trained and competed together from the same club throughout the season. No one shall compete who will have attained their eighteenth birthday before the first day of September preceding the event. 

The Regatta will not hesitate to ask for the racing record of competitors in any junior event to establish the school or club credentials of any crew.