Morning Briefing with Sarah Winckless - Saturday

All the things you need to know about the racing today at Henley Royal Regatta with Sarah Winckless - Race Umpire, Steward and Olympic medallist.


Semi-finals Day

“Only” 47 races today 

Two of everything apart from the Steward’s. 

We’ve got a headwind not a tailwind and that is slowing them down and also we have some stream, so that is making the races longer. We wouldn’t expect record conditions. However, the times to Barrier and Fawley are still really significant. Yesterday, we had a stronger wind in the middle of the day than either end, so you have to take that into account when you’re looking at the numbers. 

Doubling up. We have crews doubling up events today. Keep an eye on Races 7, 12 & 44.

For Leander - Cressford, Long, Irwin and Davis are in the Town (race 7). Redgrave & Dear in the Hambledon (race 12) and all six will be in the eight in the Remenham.  (Race 44). 

RACES TO WATCH          

  Race 4 [JW8] Surbiton High School v Lady Eleanor Holles School. 

Four of the Surbiton girls won J16 eights at National Schools Regatta. Many of the LEH girls won the u18 National Champs, so really tough race, and we saw LEH pushed right to the wire yesterday by Shrewsbury. 

Race 17 [Stonor]  Vos & Veldhuis [NED] vs Brayshaw & Leyden 

What quality in the women’s double sculls, maybe that’s my bias! What I love about the four boats left is that I feel they are the future of rowing. Bradshaw & Leyden - Jess (Leyden) had a tough year - she had COVID and missed the Olympics. And it was just great to see her back on the water and punching the air last night. They’re up against the Dutch - another young crew. 

Race 19 [Stonor] Craig & Grant vs Nyland & Ferris

Imogen Grant and Emily Craig were fourth at this Olympics but I hope and expect to see them carrying on. And not to forget Nyland & Ferris, they’ve got their own COVID story - they were selected in the Quad for the u23s but unfortunately they were part of a small group that weren’t able to compete (because quarantining after contact tracing). Brilliant to see them here on way to going to European u23.

Race 22 [PE] St Paul’s v Westminster. 

I’ve only picked one PE event. 

Race 24 [Temple] Imperial College London  ‘A’ vs University of London ‘A’

I’ve been greedy with the temple, I’ve picked both. 

Race 26 [Thames] Thames ‘A’ v Henley 

Race 28 [Temple] Nereus [NED] vs Triton [NED].

Both crews racing fantastically. 

Race 33 [Wargrave] Thames ‘A’ vs Tideway Scullers’ School ‘A’

Another one of new events. Another fantastic strong squad at Thames. This was the semi-final of Women’s Henley and I think Tideway won that.

Race 36 [PRCC] Maggie Fellows [USA] vs Lauren Henry 

We have to pick the giantkiller - Lauren Henry, we saw her beat Andrea Proske yesterday. Proske was coming out of the Olympic eight for Canada with a gold medal round her neck. Henry is a talented u23 with a fourth place in a world. Fellows was 4th in the US trials. Her coach watched his son get beaten yesterday but still has interest in the Regatta!

Race 46 [Britannia] London ‘A’ vs Hinksey Sculling School

Really great to see Hinksey here. It’s their second time at the Regatta. They were here in 2019 and beaten in the Fawley in Day 1 and now we’ve got them here on Saturday. And looking at the times yesterday - albeit with them racing later on - they got a fantastic time.