Matt Pinsent's Pick of the Day - Saturday

It’s sunny it’s the weekend, it’s semi-finals day - it’s “Social Saturday”.  Eating, drinking, celebrating and hospitality are all a part of Henley, particularly in the car parks. But there is also the serious business out on the water. 

Fashion has always played a big part in an outing to Henley. Gentlemen have to wear jackets and ties, but a new rule this year: trousers are allowed for everyone. 

All the bars are having a cocktail competition in the Stewards’ Enclosure this week, and one has come up with “The Henley Royale”. My limit is about five of these before lunch each day. 

In the trophy room all the prizes are laid out in beautiful display cases ready to be presented tomorrow. One of my favourites is the Silver Goblets & Nickalls’ Challenge Cup. It’s men’s pairs and you get a goblet each to take home with you. 

This year there are three new women’s trophies making their debut. The Junior Women’s Eight, the Wargrave Challenge Cup, for women’s club eights, and the Island Challenge Cup, for student women.

We’ll be back tomorrow for finals day, so be like one of the competitors, go home, get some sleep, rest up and see you tomorrow.