Matt Pinsent's Pick of the Day - Friday (with guest presenter Laura Winter)

It’s day three at Henley Royal Regatta, a time where the remaining crews really start to feel the pressure. That’s certainly the case at Fawley Meadows, the temporary home for the boating area for this year. Sunday’s finals are within grasp and no crew wants to go home at this point.

The effort the crews put in out on the water for those seven or so minutes of racing is plain for all to see, but what you don’t get to glimpse so often is the preparation that goes on behind the scenes in the boating area. The crews are up at the crack of dawn all week warming up, cooling down and getting mentally prepared. It’s about being in the right place physically to give it your all out on the water.

Bearing in mind a rower can burn around 420 calories in just half an hour in a boat, it’s no surprise they spend a lot of time ashore fuelling up and preparing to race.

The boats get attention too and crews and coaches spend hours cleaning, washing, greasing and tinkering with their boats to make sure they are race ready.

One of the great things about Henley Royal Regatta is that the Junior rowers get to share the very same water and the same stage as their Olympic heroes and that’s certainly one of the things that draws the crowds. Because of the change in timing of this year’s regatta we’ve seen some crews fresh off the plane from Tokyo to grace the waters here. 

By the end of Friday all is quiet, but the weekend looms. We’re one step closer to the all-important finals on Sunday. The YouTube live coverage starts at 9.30am on Saturday. Join us then.