The best known regatta in the world
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Results of the Qualifying Races - 27th June, 2014

Qualifying Results will be posted here once each set of races has concluded.

Crews which have qualified for the Regatta are listed in alphabetical order;
those which failed to qualify are listed in order of the time they took to complete the course.

The Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup
433N.R. Bates & D.R. French 
442L.N.S. McCormick & B.C. Duncan Canada 
Did Not Qualify 
441C.P. Leonard & C.V. De Souza U.S.A.9:03.6
438K.A.Z. Hudspith & M.A. DiSanto 
The Double Sculls Challenge Cup
453W.H. Mackworth-Praed & E.J. Barton 
456C.F. Newbould & L. Martonfy 
457C.M. Owen & J.W.S. Hale 
461S.J. Tuck & A.J. Brown 
Did Not Qualify
458R.M. Parks & T.W. Scholefield8:23.9
450W.K.H. Geffen & S.W. Uru 
452T. Hope & M.E. Lawrence 
454N. Mendes & P. Fraga Portugal 
463T.Verhoeven & B. Chabanet France 
The Diamond Challenge Sculls
465H.J. Bradbury 
472A.E. English 
477E.A. Hazine 
479M.R. Mitchell 
485L.A.J. Wells 
Did Not Qualify
467J.G. Bugajski8:44.0
476J.N. Hanson8:45.0
469T.K. Carter8:50.1
486 G.J. Wilson8:51.9
480A.M. Pascovitch8:56.1
475S. Haeata9:19.4
474P.F. Graves U.S.A. 
483J.M. Thompson South Africa 
484T. Verhoeven France 
The Britannia Challenge Cup
376City of Oxford Rowing Club 
379Evesham Rowing Club 
384Lady Elizabeth Boat Club Ireland 
398Upper Thames Rowing Club B 
Did Not Qualify
387Nottingham & Union Rowing Club7:51.8
381Grosvenor Rowing Club7:56.2
383Kingston Rowing Club8:03.9
393 Sons of the Thames Rowing Club8:04.3
386London Rowing Club B8:08.6
390 Reading Rowing Club8:10.1
380 Furnivall Sculling Club8:10.5
377 Curlew Rowing Club8:15.0
400 Wallingford Rowing Club8:15.5
The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup
355Eton Excelsior Rowing Club 
360Henley Rowing Club A 
374The Tideway Scullers' School 
Did Not Qualify
363Latymer Upper School8:09.7
368Reading Rowing Club8:09.7
372Sir William Borlase's Grammar School8:11.5
359Headington School B8:14.0
375Weybridge Rowing Club8:19.9
362Kingston Grammar School8:22.3
371Shiplake College8:29.2
357Gloucester Rowing Club B8:30.8
365Molesey Boat Club A8:51.0
373Staines Boat Club9:00.7
366Molesey Boat Club B9:06.0
367Monkton Combe School9:11.1
354Bedford Girls' School 
361Henley Rowing Club B 
The Wyfold Challenge Cup
207Army Rowing Club 
210Cantabrigian Rowing Club A 
211Cantabrigian Rowing Club B 
241Thames Rowing Club B 
244The Tideway Scullers' School B 
247Upper Thames Rowing Club B 
Did Not Qualify
225Molesey Boat Club B7:43.1
219HSBC Rowing Club7:45.5
231Quintin Boat Club B7:47.0
232Quintin Boat Club C7:50.4
237Royal Air Force Rowing Club7:51.2
214City of Bristol Rowing Club B7:52.6
208Birmingham Rowing Club7:53.5
227Northampton Rowing Club7:56.0
221Llandaff Rowing Club7:58.5
233Reading Rowing Club8:02.4
The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn.
242Thames Rowing Club C 
245Tyrian Club 
The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup
262Manchester University 
265Nottingham Rowing Club and Loughborough Students' Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
263Medway Towns Rowing Club and Poplar, Blackwall & District Rowing Club7:22.3
273University of Birmingham7:23.6
269Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club 
The Princess Grace Challenge Cup
343Leander Club and Reading University 
346Molesey Boat Club and Strathclyde Park Rowing Club 
348Reading University and Cardiff University 
349Tees Rowing Club and Bath University 
Did Not Qualify
353Wallingford Rowing Club7:55.9
344Llandaff Rowing Club and Monmouth Rowing Club8:01.8
350The Tideway Scullers' School8:02.4
339Exeter University8:05.4
352Upper Thames Rowing Club and University of the West of England8:10.3
351Upper Thames Rowing Club8:15.0
341Henley Rowing Club 
The Thames Challenge Cup
27Marlow Rowing Club 
31Newark Rowing Club 
37Royal Chester Rowing Club B 
44Thames Rowing Club B 
45Thames Rowing Club C 
47Twickenham Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
55Worcester Rowing Club B7:10.3
17City of Oxford Rowing Club7:12.1
53Warwick Graduate Association Boat Club7:13.1
12Bedford Rowing Club7:14.7
41Stourport Boat Club7:17.4
24Lea Rowing Club B7:18.8
16City of Cambridge Rowing Club7:21.1
38Sons of the Thames Rowing Club7:21.2
13Broxbourne Rowing Club7:21.6
35Putney Town Rowing Club7:21.9
22Kingston Rowing Club B7:24.0
26 Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club7:36.8
15Cambridge '99 Rowing Club B7:40.4
The Prince Albert Challenge Cup
406Bucknell University U.S.A. 
408Exeter University 
410Goldie Boat Club 
417Newcastle University B 
426University of Michigan U.S.A. 
427University of Surrey 
Did Not Qualify
420Reading University B7:32.4
432Worcester University7:35.3
414Jesus College, Cambridge7:37.2
407Durham University7:39.8
404Bath University B7:41.4
412Heriot Watt University7:44.7
409Glasgow University7:44.8
431Worcester Polytechnic Institute B U.S.A.7:47.1
430Worcester Polytechnic Institute A U.S.A.7:47.7
405Brunswick School U.S.A.7:50.8
421Salford University7:51.5
429Westminster School7:51.8
423University of Bristol8:02.9
424University of Chester8:13.0
415Manchester University8:37.4
402Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus B Holland 
The Remenham Challenge Cup
168Cambridge University Women's Boat Club 
177Newcastle University and Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus, Holland 
Did Not Qualify
180Thames Rowing Club A7:39.8
182 The Tideway Scullers' School and University of East London7:40.3
169Durham University7:47.8
183University of London7:49.4
181Thames Rowing Club B7:49.6
178Oxford Brookes University7:52.4
174Imperial College London and Sport Imperial Boat Club7:57.8
171Henley Rowing Club8:06.7
170Green Lake Crew U.S.A.8:24.0
The Temple Challenge Cup
75Durham University B 
76Edinburgh University 
77Eton College A 
78Eton College B 
79Exeter University A 
87Imperial College London B 
88Imperial College School of Medicine, London 
94Magdalen College, Oxford 
95Manchester University A 
98Nephthys Boat Club 
104Oxford Brookes University B 
105Oxford Brookes University C 
113Southampton University A 
119University of Bristol A 
Did Not Qualify
125University of Warwick A6:52.6
81Goldie Boat Club6:53.0
92Liverpool University A6:55.3
56Abingdon School6:56.0
117 University College London and King's College, London6:56.2
100Newcastle University B6:57.6
91Latymer Upper School6:59.0
122University of London6:59.3
102Oriel College, Oxford7:00.3
82Hampton School A7:02.6
90 Lady Margaret Boat Club, Cambridge7:02.8
108Reading University7:02.9
124University of the West of England7:03.1
115The King's School, Chester7:03.8
83Hampton School B7:04.8
93Liverpool University B7:06.7
109St. Paul's School A7:07.0
61Bath University7:07.2
68Cardiff University7:09.8
112Shrewsbury School7:09.8
64Bournemouth University A7:10.0
126University of Warwick B7:11.1
84Hampton School C7:11.6
111Shiplake College7:12.6
73Downing College, Cambridge and Emmanuel College, Cambridge7:13.1
96Manchester University B7:13.4
80Exeter University B7:14.4
118University College London7:14.8
120University of Bristol B7:15.5
89King's College School, Wimbledon7:16.0
106Queens' College, Cambridge and King's College, Cambridge7:16.3
107Reading Blue Coat School7:16.6
114Southampton University B7:20.7
110St. Paul's School B7:24.0
63Bedford School7:27.6
62Bedford Modern School7:38.0
129Worcester University7:40.0
69Cheltenham College7:47.1
65Bournemouth University B7:49.1
101Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration Norway7:59.1
59Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus A Holland 
97Monmouth School 
The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup
135Cheltenham College 
136Dulwich College 
138Emanuel School 
154St. George's College 
Did Not Qualify
163The London Oratory School7:05.1
143Kingston Grammar School7:05.8
160The King's School, Canterbury7:09.7
164The Oratory School7:11.4
162The King's School, Worcester7:35.0
145Millfield School7:46.2
The Fawley Challenge Cup
279Claires Court School A 
298Marlow Rowing Club 
299Molesey Boat Club A 
305Norwich Rowing Club 
314Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe A 
315Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe B 
320Star and Arrow Club 
321Star Club A 
323Thames Rowing Club A 
329The Windsor Boys' School A 
333Wallingford Rowing Club A 
334Wallingford Rowing Club B 
335Warrington Rowing Club 
338York City Rowing Club 
Did Not Qualify
297Malvern Preparatory School B U.S.A.7:19.5
330The Windsor Boys' School B7:20.0
287Henley Rowing Club A7:20.4
326The King's School, Chester7:21.3
294Maidenhead Rowing Club A7:21.7
313Rondebosch Rowing Club South Africa7:22.8
337Weybridge Rowing Club7:22.9
328The Tideway Scullers' School7:23.3
327The King's School, Worcester7:23.8
332Tiffin School7:23.8
295Maidenhead Rowing Club B7:24.1
309Reading Rowing Club A7:24.1
302Mossbourne Community Academy A7:25.5
317Shiplake College7:25.8
274American School in London7:27.2
331The Windsor Boys' School C7:29.0
275Bedford Modern School7:29.1
278City of Oxford Rowing Club7:30.0
289Kingston Rowing Club7:30.4
290Lea Rowing Club7:30.8
307Radley College A7:32.0
301Monkton Combe School7:33.0
281Claires Court School C7:34.1
319Staines Boat Club7:34.6
300Molesey Boat Club B7:38.4
288Henley Rowing Club B7:38.6
310Reading Rowing Club B7:41.3
283Eton College7:41.5
308Radley College B7:42.1
324Thames Rowing Club B7:43.8
316St. Peter's School7:44.1
285Globe Rowing Club7:45.7
322Star Club B7:45.7
293LVS Ascot Boat Club7:49.7
292Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club7:50.8
276Bishop Vesey's Grammar School A8:11.9
277Bishop Vesey's Grammar School B8:39.2
280Claires Court School BN.R.O.
282Doncaster Rowing Club 
303Mossbourne Community Academy B 
312Rob Roy Boat Club