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The best known regatta in the world
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Goblets 2006

Silver Goblets & Nickalls' - 2006

Double Sculls - 2007

Double Sculls - 2007

Recent Winners

All of the winners from the previous ten years.

The Grand Challenge Cup
2014Leander Club and University of London6.15
2013Leander Club and Molesey Boat Club5.54
2012California Rowing Club, U.S.A.6.36
2011Ruder Club Hansa von 1898 e.V. Dortmund, Germany5.57
2010Ruder Club Hansa von 1898 e.V. Dortmund, Germany6.33
2009Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club6.34
2008Victoria City Rowing Club & Kingston Rowing Club, Canada6.29
2007Shawnigan Lake School & Victoria City Rowing Club, Canada6.24
2006Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland6.10
2005Dortmund Rowing Center, Germany6.19
2004Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland6.17
The Ladies' Challenge Plate
2014University of California, Berkeley, USA6.19
2013Leander Club and Molesey Boat Club5.58
2012Harvard University, U.S.A.6.33
2011Berliner Ruderclub and Olympische Ruder Club Rostock, Germany6.09
2010Harvard University, U.S.A.6.50
2009Brown University 'A', U.S.A.6.28
2008Leander Club6.36
2007Harvard University, U.S.A.6.36
2006Princeton University, U.S.A.6.19
2005Cambridge University6.33
2004Leander Club6.30
The Thames Challenge Cup
2014Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania von 1869 e.V., GER6.28
2013Griffen Boat Club6.17
2012Molesey Boat Club6.54
2011Upper Yarra Rowing Club, Australia6.13
20101829 Boat Club6.59
2009Molesey Boat Club 'A'7.03
2008Leander Club6.47
2007Leander Club6.51
2006London Rowing Club 'A'6.28
2005Henley Rowing Club6.35
2004London Rowing Club  'A'6.50
The Temple Challenge Cup
2014Oxford Brookes University 'A'6.29
2013Delftsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Laga, Holland6.14
2012University of Washington, U.S.A.6.52
2011University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.6.12
2010University of Washington, U.S.A.6.52
2009Princeton University, U.S.A.6.29
2008University of Western Ontario, Canada6.42
2007University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.6.45
2006Oxford Brookes University 'A'6.27
2005Trinity College, Hartford, U.S.A.6.27
2004A.S.R. Nereus, Holland6.52
The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup
2014Eton College6.43
2013Abingdon School6.17
2012Abingdon School6.56
2011Abingdon School6.23
2010Eton College6.59
2009Eton College6.42
2008Shawnigan Lake School, Canada6.48
2007Shrewsbury School6.54
2006St Ignatius College Preparatory School, U.S.A.6.36
2005Eton College6.55
2004St Paul's School, Concord, U.S.A.6.47
The Remenham Challenge Cup
2014Leander Club and Imperial College London7.11
2013Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University6.43
2012Western Rowing Club, Canada7.27
2011Princeton Training Center, U.S.A.6.38
2010Western Rowing Club, Canada7.29
2009Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club7.37
2008Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club7.31
2007Dortmund RC, Germany7.22
2006Princeton Training Center, U.S.A.6.50
2005Thames Rowing Club 'A'7.27
2004Thames Rowing Club and University of London7.10
The Stewards' Challenge Cup
2014Molesey Boat Club and Leander Club6.41
2013Oxford Brookes University and University of London6.27
2012National Rowing Centre of Excellence 'A', Australia7.15
2011Leander Club and Molesey Boat Club6.19
2010Princeton Training Center, U.S.A.7.09
2009Leander Club & Reading University7.05
2008Cambridge University7.09
2007Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club7.14
2006Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland6.43
2005Leander Club and Oxford University6.57
2004Leander Club & Imperial College, London6.46
The Visitors' Challenge Cup
2014Harvard University, USA7.01
2013Harvard University 'A', U.S.A.6.33
2012Oxford Brookes University and Molesey Boat Club7.24
2011Leander Club and Imperial College London6.45
2010Leander Club and Durham University7.34
2009Isis Boat Club7.35
2008Imperial College London & Kingston Rowing Club7.08
2007Leander Club7.14
2006Oxford Brookes University & Leander Club6.43
2005National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland7.12
2004Oxford Brookes University & Oxford University7.11
The Wyfold Challenge Cup
2014Upper Thames Rowing Club 'A'NTT
2013Tyrian Club6.40
2012Nottingham Rowing Club 'A'7.42
2011London Rowing Club 'A'6.51
2010Nottingham & Union Rowing Club7.25
2009Sydney Rowing Club, Australia7.01
2008Tyne Rowing Club7.26
20071829 Boat Club7.24
2006Thames Rowing Club 'A'7.00
2005Army Rowing Club7.10
2004London Rowing Club 'A'7.01
The Queen Mother Challenge Cup
2014Leander Club and Agecroft Rowing Club6.38
2013Leander Club and Reading University6.17
2012National Rowing Centre of Excellence, Australia7.10
2011Leander Club and Reading University6.17
2010Reading University and Leander Club7.10
2009A.Z.S. Szczecin & A.Z.S. Gorzow, Poland7.07
2008Rowing Club Viljandi & Rowing Club Narva Energia, Estonia6.47
2007A.Z.S. Gdansk & A.Z.S. Szczecin, Poland6.53
2006Club France, France6.36
2005A.Z.S. Szczecin & A.Z.S. Gorzow, Poland6.29
2004Ts.S.K.A. Ukraine, Ukraine6.41
The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup
2014Leander Club6.47
2013Leander Club 'A'6.23
2012Leander Club7.15
2011Leander Club 'A'6.30
2010Leander Club7.19
2009Durham University & Oxford Brookes University7.02
2008California Rowing Club, U.S.A.6.52
The Men's Quadruple Sculls
2007Leander Club & London Rowing Club6.59
2006Leander Club6.48
2005Commercial Rowing Club & Neptune Rowing Club, Ireland6.53
2004Molesey Boat Club6.51
The Fawley Challenge Cup
2014Sir William Borlase's Grammar School7.25
2013Marlow Rowing Club 'A'6.39
2012Sir William Borlase's Grammar School7.20
2011Sydney Rowing Club, Australia6.49
2010Banks Rowing Club and Melbourne University, Australia7.28
2009Westminster School7.26
2008Peterborough City Rowing Club & Nottingham Rowing Club7.10
2007Henley Rowing Club & Maidenhead Rowing Club7.35
2006King's School, Parramatta, Australia6.48
2005Sydney Rowing Club, Australia6.57
2004Marlow Rowing Club & The Tideway Scullers' School7.21
The Princess Grace Challenge Cup
2014Leander Club and Gloucester Rowing Club7.31
2013Leander Club and Minerva Bath Rowing Club6.59
2012National Rowing Centre of Excellence, Australia7.47
2011Princeton Training Center 'B', U.S.A.7.02
2010Gloucester Rowing Club and Leander Club7.42
2009Leander Club & Westminster School7.58
2008Wallingford Rowing Club & Reading University7.54
2007South Australian Inst of Sport 'B', Australia7.49
2006Marlow Rowing Club & University of London7.14
2005Ts.S.K.A. Ukraine, Ukraine7.39
2004Leander Club & University of London7.27
The Britannia Challenge Cup
2014Upper Thames Rowing Club 'A'7.17
2013Taurus Boat Club 'A'6.54
2012Star Club7.44
2011Banks Rowing Club, Australia6.59
2010The Tideway Scullers' School7.40
2009Agecroft Rowing Club7.36
2008Molesey Boat Club7.26
2007York City Rowing Club7.39
2006Army Rowing Club7.15
2005Leander Club7.11
2004Molesey Boat Club7.29
The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup
2014Gloucester Rowing Club7.46
The Prince Albert Challenge Cup
2014Newcastle University 'A'7.21
2013Imperial College London 'A'7.00
2012University of London 'A'7.36
2011Harvard University 'A', U.S.A.6.58
2010University College, Dublin, Ireland7.41
2009Oxford Brookes University7.38
2008Newcastle University7.39
2007University of London 'A'7.42
2006Imperial College, London7.03
The Men's Student Coxed Fours
2005Durham University 'A'7.26
2004Imperial College, London7.22
The Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup
2014J.B.P Bahain & M. Steenman, NED7.19
2013E.G. Murray & H.B. Bond, New Zealand6.56
2012M.M. Molina & B.L. Lang, France8.22
2011P.K. Reed & A. Triggs Hodge, Leander Club and Molesey Boat Club6.56
2010E. Murray & H. Bond, New Zealand7.55
2009E. Murray & H. Bond, New Zealand7.31
2008S.B. Keeling & R.P. Di Clemente, South Africa7.47
2007R.P. Di Clementé & D. Cech, South Africa7.44
2006P.N. Daniels & B.G. Williams, Oxford University7.31
2005R.P. Di Clementé & D. Cech, South Africa7.41
2004R.P. Di Clementé & D. Cech, South Africa7.31
The Double Sculls Challenge Cup
2014S. Delayre & J. Azou, FRA7.17
2013M.A.N. Arms & R.W. Manson, New Zealand6.48
2012J.E. Collins & A.J. Sinclair, Leander Club7.35
2011M.W. Wells & R.M. Bateman, Leander Club6.52
2010C. Berrest & J. Bahain, France7.38
2009M.C. Trott & N. Cohen, New Zealand7.42
2008W.D. Piermarini & E.M. Hovey, U.S.A.7.35
2007L. Spik & I. Cop, Slovenia7.33
2006M.W. Wells & S.C. Rowbotham, Leander Club & University of London7.08
2005M.J. Hunter. & J.W Lindsay-Fynn, London Rowing Club & Leander Club7.26
2004P. Lorinczy & K. Szabó Hungary7.47
The Diamond Challenge Sculls
2014A.M.O. Drysdale, NZL8.11
2013A.L. Aleksandrov, Azerbaijan7.30
2012P.M. Lambert, South Africa8.28
2011A.W. Campbell, The Tideway Scullers' School7.37
2010M. Drysdale, New Zealand8.28
2009M. Drysdale, New Zealand8.28
2008I.J. Lawson, Leander Club8.10
2007A.W. Campbell, The Tideway Scullers' School8.04
2006M. Drysdale, New Zealand8.00
2005W.R. Allen, U.S.A.8.23
2004M. Hacker, Germany7.44
The Princess Royal Challenge Cup
2014M. Knapkova, CZE8.50
2013M. Knapkova, Czech Republic8.06
2012I.R. Penney, Canada9.47
2011M. Knapkova, Czech Republic8.17
2010M. Knapkova, Czech Republic9.16
2009E. Twigg, New Zealand8.46
2008C. Ryan, Ireland9.18
2007M. Guerette, U.S.A.9.24
2006S. Balmary, France8.42
2005R. Neykova, Bulgaria8.52
2004C.S. Bishop, U.S.A.8.59
The Junior Women's Quadruple Sculls
2013Latymer Upper School7.26
2012Henley Rowing Club8.44