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* = Loser in lead
† = New record
‡ = Equals record
N.R.O = Not Rowed Out
N.T.T = No Time Taken

Times are displayed in minutes.seconds

Stn: 1 = Berks, 2 = Bucks

The Ladies' Challenge Plate (M8+)

Winner of The Ladies' Challenge Plate (M8+)
2012 winner

Harvard University, U.S.A.1 Leander Club 1ft1.53*3.09*6.33
SatHarvard University, U.S.A.2 Molesey Boat Club and Oxford Brookes University 2 1/2 lengths2.003.227.06
SatLeander Club1 Army Rowing Club and Thames Rowing Club 5 lengths1.583.217.28
FriMolesey Boat Club and Oxford Brookes University1 Penn Athletic Club & Rowing Association, U.S.A. 2 1/4 lengths1.583.237.08
FriHarvard University, U.S.A.2 Sport Imperial Boat Club and Leander Club 3 1/2 lengths2.023.277.15
FriLeander Club1 Ruder Club Hansa von 1898 e.V. Dortmund, Germany 3 1/4 lengths1.583.227.08