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The Remenham Challenge Cup (W8+)

Winner of The Remenham Challenge Cup (W8+)
2012 winner

Western Rowing Club, Canada1 Dortmund Rowing Center, Germany 2 lengths2.053.327.27
SatDortmund Rowing Center, Germany1 National Rowing Centre of Excellence, Australia 1 3/4 lengths2.143.447.45
SatWestern Rowing Club, Canada2 Radcliffe Crew, Harvard University, U.S.A. 3 1/4 lengths2.103.437.56
FriNational Rowing Centre of Excellence, Australia1 Münchener Ruderclub von 1880 e.V. and Hürther Rudergesellschaft, Germany 3 1/4 lengths2.123.447.56
FriWestern Rowing Club, Canada1 Aviron Grenoblois and Toulouse Aviron Sports et Loisirs, France Easily2.163.558.23
FriRadcliffe Crew, Harvard University, U.S.A.1 Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland 2 1/2 lengths2.193.578.18
FriDortmund Rowing Center, Germany1 Leander Club and Sport Imperial Boat Club 1 1/2 lengths2.183.517.59
ThuRadcliffe Crew, Harvard University, U.S.A.2 Thames Rowing Club and Henley Rowing Club 2 1/2 lengths2.163.478.00
ThuMünchener Ruderclub von 1880 e.V. and Hürther Rudergesellschaft, Germany1 Newcastle University 2 1/4 lengths2.173.528.18