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For over 175 years Henley Royal Regatta has provided compelling spectating with its gladiatorial match-racing and colourful, noisy and knowledgeable crowds.

Now you will have an opportunity to experience this event in an exciting, new way as this year’s Regatta will be live-streamed on the Official HRR YouTube channel.

With cameras on board the umpires’ launch as well as at key positions along the famous course you will have a unique view, in HD quality, as the racing crews go head-to-head.

If you miss any of the live action, you can also see the daily highlights programme and view races on demand.

We will keep you in touch with preparations here. Live coverage of the Regatta starts on July 1st and runs to July 5th, 2015.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

The Committee of Management of Henley Royal Regatta has contracted Sunset+Vine, a leading international television production company, to produce, in High Definition, live coverage of the racing on all five days of the 2015 Regatta.  The pictures will be streamed on the HRR website, on the HRR Official YouTube channel and to screens that will be in the Fawley & Members Grandstands as well as the Regatta Control Barge.  Sunset+Vine will be using cameras of an international television broadcast standard, to cover the whole of the race course as well as the atmosphere off the water.


Where can I watch?

The live stream will be on the HRR website and the HRR Official YouTube channel.  This will be free to view, and streamed wherever in the world that YouTube is available.  Members and their guests attending the Regatta itself will be able to watch the live racing in the Stewards Enclosures whilst in the Grandstands.  On Finals day only, 5th July, the live stream will also be available in the UK on the BBC Red Button interactive service and on the BBC website.


Will the YouTube coverage contain adverts?

No.  The YouTube coverage will be free from commercial breaks.


Will live coverage of the racing be introduced elsewhere?

Within the Stewards’ Enclosure, screens will only be installed in the Grandstands.  The Committee of Management has taken the decision that the unique social atmosphere of the Regatta should not be affected by the introduction of live racing coverage, and screens will only therefore be installed where Members and their guests are actively watching the racing.

Press Release

Henley Royal Regatta forges innovative production and broadcast partnership with Sunset+Vine and YouTube.

Five days of live-streaming and highlights programming at 2015 Regatta.

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The Grandstand


The Grandstand

Can I watch it on my mobile/tablet when elsewhere at the Regatta?

This is really a question for mobile service providers as data delivery capacity is not within the control of the Regatta.  However, we expect that due to the limitations of mobile network coverage in Henley during the Regatta, watching on handheld devices is unlikely to be possible in either the Enclosures or the car parks.


Will every race be covered in full?

From Wednesday up to Friday lunchtime most of the races are at five-minute intervals, whereas the average length of a race is approximately seven minutes.  Each race will therefore be quickly edited to show the start and a clip from early stages before joining the race live for the second half of the course.  From Friday lunchtime onwards when the Regatta moves to 10-minute intervals it is our intention that every race will be streamed live from start to finish.


Can I watch races after they have gone out live?

All the races will be edited individually and posted on the HRR Official YouTube channel and put into playlists by event and day in 1080p High Definition.  There will be a 20-minute round up highlights programme that will be available on demand within an hour of the end of each day’s racing.

Will there be commentary?

The Stewards’ Enclosure commentary will remain unchanged. On the live stream there will be a different commentary team and they will cover every race. The pictures in the grandstands will be shown without sound.


Will this coverage appear on a television channel?

Following the announcement on 23rd June, the live racing will now be broadcast in the UK on the BBC Red Button on Finals day only, 5th July.  This interactive service will be accessible from either BBC1 or BBC2.  There will be highlights programming that will be available for domestic and international news access, as well as other programming such as Gillette World Sport.  All enquiries should be addressed to Andrew Piller, Commercial Director, Sunset+Vine.


As a competitor am I going to be filmed?

If you are a competitor for the 2015 Regatta then you will appear in the live coverage. It is a condition of entry to the event that you consent to Henley covering the event in this way and assign, to the extent as may be required, all associated individual media rights to the Regatta and/or Henley Royal Regatta Limited. The club, school or university official that completes the Entry Form will tell you more about the detail of this consent.


As a competitor can I watch the coverage anywhere on site?

Yes. The live stream will be fed to a screen in the athlete rest area at the rear of the Boat Tents. Note that only competitors will be allowed in this area during the Regatta.


As a spectator am I going to be filmed?

Members and their guests may be filmed in the Stewards and Regatta Enclosure from the cameras on the course, although this will be incidental to the race coverage. Notices will be displayed prominently in the Enclosures.

Spectators outside the Enclosures may also be filmed in an incidental way to the coverage particularly at the start. Notices will be posted informing spectators of this possibility.


Are there any restrictions on the use of the live stream?

The live video stream and any other video features on the Henley Royal Regatta YouTube channel are freely available for private and non-commercial use. 
Commercial exploitation of the live video, pictures, archive and any Henley Royal Regatta trademarks is forbidden both by YouTube and Henley Royal Regatta, and any such activity will be a breach of the terms applying to the delivery and availability of the live stream and video on demand features. 
Henley Royal Regatta will take such action as is necessary to protect its intellectual property including its trademarks and copyright.


Why are the Stewards doing this?

When asked in the Membership survey in 2010, more than half of the Members of the Stewards’ Enclosure expressed an interest in seeing live coverage of the Regatta produced.

The Regatta has been broadcast before.  Pathé, the BBC and ITV have all produced coverage of the event.  The last Regatta covered live was in 1968, and the last Regatta from which highlights were broadcast was in 1976.  In fact much of this footage is already on YouTube.

Advances in production technology since the 1970s (including for example the development of cameras which transmit pictures over radio frequencies rather than cables) mean that the Regatta can now produce live coverage more efficiently.  The Committee of Management believes it to be important that we enhance the experience of the Regatta enjoyed by our Members and their guests, by providing live coverage of the racing in the Stewards’ Enclosure. 

The Committee of Management also believes it to be important, in a digital age, to provide the opportunity for Members and their guests, as well as competitors and a wider audience, to enjoy the opportunity to view the racing away from the Regatta both during the event and afterwards.   In order to maximise the opportunity for as wide an audience as possible to enjoy the racing at the Regatta, including the many rowing fans around the world who cannot visit Henley in person, the decision has therefore been taken to broadcast the coverage on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform.

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